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Charlène GEFFROY, Coach on line professional reorientation


Creator of transformative experiences &

Professional coach

Explore . Dare . Shape . Last

My goal : Co-create solutions to transform your professional life and help you find self confidence, fulfillment and happiness at work.

I can highly recommend Charlène! I've never had a coach or any sessions of that kind. Also, I have never looked into myself as we did together or tried to create a business by myself so yes, it's been challenging - some ups and downs, but overall very rewarding experience. I feel I've grown a lot thanks to sessions with Charlène.

- Marta, 30 ans, Architecte

Who Am I?

My goal is to work with you to create solutions that will help you take the next professional step, live a better daily life and embrace the futur of work.


I spent 15 years climbing the corporate ladder in Marketing and Sales in France and abroad. After a while it did not feel right anymore and I decided to embark onto the journey of a life more in line with my values. It felt scary at first but it allowed me to discover my true potential and find fire in my gut again.


I truly believe that mind and body are one. The practice of yoga and meditation are part of my day to day life and I take pride in adding their philosophy to my coaching sessions.


Fulfillment, well-being and challenge are at the heart of my daily life. Adventure and freedom seeker I created my own way of living to align with my values.


How I work with you?

I work with you to:

  • Reconnect to yourself

  • Identify new career paths

  • Remove your fears and beliefs that prevent you from taking action

  • Build your project

  • Lay the foundations of your business

  • Live a better professional life

  • Anchor new habits to move forward in your project

Discover my coaching programs



Feeling lost professionally? Find clarity, energy and meaning by discovering what drives you from the inside. A return to oneself to open the field of possibilities

Online individual sessions



You have identified a new professional path for you but you feel stuck. Fears and beliefs prevent you from getting started. Boost your motivation, overcome your fears and move towards your goal.

Online individual sessions



You want to get started on your new project but you don't know where to start and how to do it? I help you work on your business foundations and build a concrete action plan to make your project real.

Online individual sessions



Congratulations, you have now launched your new project. With it came joy but also uncertainty and stress and you are starting to feel tired, to doubt your skills and to loose your cruising speed; I will work with you to help you find self confidence, peace and productivity.

Online individual sessions

The english version of my site is still under construction, please get in touch with me to start changing your professional life

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